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Types of Visa

While there are currently 185 types of US visas, there are two main categories: Non-Immigrant and Immigrant. The following types of visa are the most commonly issued by the US Government.

Types of Non-Immigrant Visas

  • B1: For individuals coming to the US for business purposes (but not for employment)
  • B2: For people visiting the US as tourists or to visit friends and family. Typically these visas are for a period of six months.
  • H1-B: Allows a U.S. company to temporarily employ a foreign worker for up to 6 years in a position that cannot be filled by a US citizen
  • F1: These are issued to students from outside the US who wish to pursue a full time course of study at a US institution. F1 visa applicants must prove that they can support themselves financially during their time in the US since they are not allowed to work in the country with this type of visa.
  • F2: This type of visa is for someone who is a dependent of an F1 visa holder such as a spouse or child.

Types of Immigrant Visas

  • IR1 or CR1: For a spouse of a current US citizen
  • IR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4: For various family members of US citizens.
  • F2-A or F2-B: Certain family members of LPRs (Lawful Permanent Residents)
  • E1: Employer-sponsored immigration for a priority worker
  • E2: Employer-sponsored immigration for a professional with an advanced degree or someone with an exceptional ability

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